A Cool Clothing Line You Can Buy In Supermarkets Is Coming To NYC

The only clothes we know of that you can score at a supermarket is a 3-pack of Hanes. So, picture our thought bubble when we heard that Canada's cheap'n'chic men's and women's label, Joe Fresh—sold at more than 300 supermarkets up north—is coming to the Big Apple. Would we be able to score, say, Joe's $59 velvet dress, at our neighborhood Whole Foods? Unfortunately, the answer is nein, but the discount duds , the progeny of Club Monaco founder Joseph Mimran, will be available at the brand's first U.S. stand-alone store—to open at 510 Fifth Avenue (the date is TBD, grr). While Joe Fresh will occupy the same stretch of sidewalk as lower price-point lines like H&M, or, gasp, Filene's Basement, we think laying claim to a piece of Canada's sartorial style (and we're not talking denim tuxedos) will make your look a tad more original, eh? (Styleite)