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The most popular hashtags of 2015: #prayforparis, #IStandWithAhmed, #RefugeesWelcome, and #LoveWins. (Read More)
Writer Camille Paglia called Taylor Swift's squad activities an "obnoxious Nazi Barbie routine." Way harsh. (Read More)
What if you don't want a squad? One writer argues for #sologoals. (Read More)
If you're at an age that ends with 9 (e.g., 29 or 39), you are more likely to cheat. (Read More)
Writing "Yeah." instead of "Yeah" in a text message makes you sound like a jerk. (Read More)
Amazon has expanded its one-hour alcohol delivery service to New York City. (Read More)
Spend the weekend learning the "Mean Girls" Christmas dance. Why not? (Read More)
President Obama said Kendrick Lamar's "How Much A Dollar Cost?" is his favorite song of the year. (Entertainment Weekly)
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