8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 30 2015

Photo: Erik Pendzich/Rex/REX Shutterstock.
New details have emerged about suspected shooter Robert Lewis Dear's possible motive for the attack on Planned Parenthood.

According to Time, Dear said “no more baby parts” as he was being arrested by a law enforcement official, who could not elaborate and spoke on condition of anonymity, since he was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation. Planned Parenthood also cited witnesses of the shooting, who claimed Dear was motivated by his "opposition to abortion." (Read More)

French riot police fired teargas and arrested over 200 environmental activists outside the COP21 climate change summit.

The United Nations’ COP21 climate conference was ushered in by worldwide protests demanding that world leaders take action, with the Paris rally escalating to scuffles with riot police and at least 200 arrests. Some French activists defied security measures banning public demonstration and gathered in the Place de la Republique, where they were met with teargas and flares. (BBC)

Donald Trump refused to take back his long-discredited 9/11 claim.

Although reports and rumors that Muslim Americans in Jersey City “cheered” the attack on the twin towers have long been debunked, Donald Trump continues to defend his unsubstantiated claims. In an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, Trump held his ground on the 9/11 story, saying he “saw it on television...and so did many other people.” When host Chuck Todd pointed to the scores of evidence indicating that “it was a false rumor,” the GOP candidate merely reaffirmed that he would not “take it back." (Business Insider)

A Kentucky woman’s glitter hair tie sent her to the hospital with an infected abscess.

One Kentucky woman was forced to have emergency surgery after her cute glittery hair tie caused a triple infection in her wrist. After antibiotics proved ineffective in treating a spider bite-like lesion growing on her wrist, Audree Kopp discovered that her hair tie allowed harmful bacteria to transfer from her skin to her pores and bloodstream. Luckily, doctors discovered Kopp’s infection in time and the abscess was drained without further complications. (Read More)

Black Friday store sales fell by over $1 billion in the U.S.

Fewer Americans spent their Black Friday hopping from store to store for super sales. Black Friday retail sales totaled about $10.4 billion this year, a $1.2 billion decrease from 2014. While brick-and-mortar stores saw smaller crowds, e-commerce continues to grow in popularity: Black Friday online sales surged by 14%. (Time)

Starbucks is now the greenest company in the world.

Starbucks is now the number-one eco-friendly retailer in the world. The coffee monolith opened its 700th LEED-certified location, setting a record for the most “green” stores on Earth. According to Starbucks, this is merely step one as the coffeehouse announced that it’s “committed to nearly double the number in 2016 with a total of 1,200 LEED certified stores” in a press release. (Read More)

The NSA is finally ending its massive phone data collection program.

Two years after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the National Security Agency’s secret compilation and analysis of American phone records, the collection program has ended. The NSA’s authority to gather phone data in bulk under the Patriot Act has expired. Now, according to a new measure signed into law by President Obama in June, government agencies must obtain targeted warrants for phone records. (CNN)

Mary-Kate Olsen reportedly married her banker beau Olivier Sarkozy among "bowls of cigarettes."

Mary-Kate Olsen and her 46-year-old fiancé, Olivier Sarkozy, tied the knot in a small Manhattan ceremony on Friday night. How did the fashion icon and her Frenchman celebrate the occasion? Exactly how you think a fashion icon and a Frenchman would: by passing out "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes" among their guests. (Read More)


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