8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 23 2015

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Brussels will remain on high alert for terrorist attacks until Monday.

The Belgian city of Brussels has been placed on its highest alert for a terrorism attack, one week after attacks in Paris killed 130 people. According to The Associated Press, Belgium’s national Crisis Center has raised its terrorism alert to Level Four, for a “serious and immediate threat.” The alert affects the capital city of Brussels and the region around it. (Read More)

The homicide rate of transgender women in the U.S. hit a 10-year high.

While we may be on the precipice of what Time has called the “transgender tipping point” and there are more trans individuals in the public eye than ever before, violence against trans women continues to escalate. A total of 22 trans women have been murdered this year, with the violence disproportionately affecting trans women of color. Of the 22 victims, 19 were either Black or Latina. (Time)

A landslide in northern Myanmar killed nearly 100 people.

A fatal 200-foot-high landslide made of ground rock and residue collapsed upon a temporary community of migrant miners in northern Myanmar, killing at least 100 people and leavings dozens of others missing. It is unknown what caused the hill of tailings, produced by the miners’ digs for jade, to collapse early Saturday morning, but the Myanmar military and the Red Cross are aiding local villagers in the rescue and recovery efforts. (New York Times)

Chipotle's E. coli outbreak now extends to New York, California, and Ohio.

Originally concentrated in Washington and Oregon, two cases of E. coli were also reported in Minnesota in early November. Now, 45 people have been infected, including two new cases in California and one in New York. A total of 16 people have been hospitalized as a result; no one has died. (Read More)

Russia wants to send a puppy to France in a gesture of “solidarity."

In honor of Diesel, the French police dog killed during a counter-terror raid in Paris, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev wants to send a puppy to France. The Alsatian puppy, named Dobrynya in a nod to a Russian folk hero, will serve as a “sign of solidarity with the people and police of France,” Kolokoltsev said. The 2-month-old Dobrynya must face a screening and quarantine before he can enter France. (Read More)

Starbucks is opening cafés in Ferguson and other low-income areas.

Starbucks has been responding to its image of upper-middle-class privilege with a concerted push to open locations in more low-income neighborhoods, with a goal of supporting economic and social change. Specifically on the agenda are towns and neighborhoods that may be familiar — places like Ferguson, MO. (Read More)

Mark Zuckerberg announced he will be taking a two-month paternity leave when his daughter is born.

Mark Zuckerberg has been notably open about his wife Priscilla Chan's path toward parenting, sharing their pregnancy news as well as accounts of their heart-wrenching miscarriages. And ever since the Facebook founder and CEO made his future fatherhood known, speculation has simmered about whether he would take time off to tend to dad duties, and if so, how much. (Read More)

Bette Midler slammed Caitlyn Jenner in a Twitter rant.

Bette Midler is not one to bite her tongue. She's taken on Justin Bieber and his father, Ariana Grande, and oh, pretty much every Republican politician on the campaign trail. Now, she's laying into Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter — and things could get messy. The legendary performer called out Jenner for her "uninformed" political views and GOP affiliation. (Read More)


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