Cheap Thrill! A Pair Of Rachel Comey-Lookalike Oxfords For Commitment-Phobes

While we'd like to think that everyone loves trying out different fashions as much as we do, that's not the case. Since brogue-style oxfords are such a tried-and-true piece in our closet, we look for sturdy ones with quality construction to withstand the years of abuse we usually provide to our shoes. But some of you out there still haven't committed to the menswear staple yet—and this cheap thrill is for you! For just $25, you can pick up a similar pair at Forever21. Be warned though, the shoe will probably fall apart within the year, but isn't that something you can handle if your shoes cost less than your bar-tab?
Above, from left: Rachel Comey Danver Nubuck Brogue, $239, available at Bird; Forever21 Vintage Oxford Flats, $24.80, available at Forever21