8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 12 2015

An investigative report found that over 10% of top New York City restaurants on Seamless and GrubHub are fake. Does the term "ghost kitchen" mean anything to you? “Some people might be illegally operating from their apartment, from their home, and delivering to people in complete contravention to department of health regulation," said New York City’s Consumer Affairs commissioner Julie Menin. According to an investigation by NBC 4 New York, around 10% of New York’s highest-rated eateries on Seamless and GrubHub are these so-called “ghost kitchens.” (Refinery29)
The FDA is recommending a new limit for our daily intake of sugar. Extra sugar in our food is becoming increasingly difficult to spot — and to avoid. For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recommending we limit our daily intake of added sugars. For adults, the FDA recommends capping added sugar at 12.5 teaspoons (50 grams) every day. (Refinery29)
Someone asked Ben Carson if he would go back in time and kill baby Hitler.

In what shall surely be remembered as the zenith of political campaign nonsense, someone confronted Ben Carson after Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate and asked him whether he would abort baby Hitler. (Esquire)
French officials canceled a lunch with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani because it needed to be wine-free.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s first European tour (great band name) was supposed to include a visit with French President François Hollande. But according to reports, Rouhani requested that the shared lunch be wine-free and include halal meat. That didn't sit too well with French officials. (Washington Post)
The Hollywood Reporter will stop publishing lists ranking the most powerful women in entertainment. In a new editorial, THR president and CCO Janice Min announced her decision to do away with what she calls the “female cage match” aspect of power lists, replacing the hierarchies with unordered annual “classes” of powerful women. (Refinery29)
Seattle is finally cleaning the iconic “Gum Wall” at Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Market officials have hired a cavalry of steam-cleaners to remove the estimated 2,200 pounds of gum congealed and smeared across the creatively named “Gum Wall,” Seattle’s strangest tourist attraction. Workers will melt off the gum wads for the next three days in order “to protect the integrity of the bricks making up the historic walls of Post Alley,” a press release explained. (The Guardian)
Scientists have predicted what Prince George will look like at age 60.

Research out of the University of Bradford has predicted what wee royal Prince George will look like circa age 60. As it turns out, the answer is Liam Neeson. The wonders of science and software never cease to amaze us. (Refinery29)
Rihanna is launching Fr8me, her own styling and beauty agency.

Rihanna is capitalizing on her signature style and bold #badgal beauty by launching a beauty and stylist agency with Benoit Demouy, her managing partner. Called Fr8me, the new venture will help makeup artists, stylists, nail artists, and hairstylists book shoots, ads, campaigns, and red-carpet gigs. (Refinery29)

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