Science Predicts What Prince George Will Look Like At Age 60

Research out of the University of Bradford has predicted what wee royal Prince George will look like at circa age 60. As it turns out, the answer is Liam Neeson. The wonders of science and software never cease to amaze us.
So, what actually goes into creating this kind of crystal-ball image? Researchers from the visual computing department developed an algorithm that determines traits which could have been inherited from both parents — in this case, the duke and duchess — and combines them to generate a future portrait prediction. "We can actually look at a child's pictures, we can incorporate all the pictures available, we can also add information from parents, parental facial features, grandparental facial features if available and also other relatives in the family," professor Hassan Ugail, who led the research, explained to Marie Claire U.K. "So we can take all that information so the accuracy that we can predict would be much, much better compared to the current existing technology." There you have it — and by it, we mean a picture of what the little prince could possibly look like around 2073. Frankly, we're more interested in what he's going to look like at prime eligible-bachelor age in about 30 years. Hopefully, that's the next matter science will be looking into.

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