6 Bra Labels Every Small-Chested Woman Should Know

You may think small-chested girls have it easy, but having an itty-bitty chest comes with its own set of unique challenges — gaping cups, too-loose bands, and the dreaded riding up that happens when you're close to flat-chested, just to name a few. Fortunately, brands haven't only begun caterning to larger chests, but they are hearing our smaller-chested complaints, too.
The most important aspect of a bra for a small chest is probably comfort, but yes, we also need our own kind of support. And, having the option to go braless if we want to means that the bras we do wear should feel like wearing close to nothing. Because why fuss with unnecessary wires and itchy straps when you could technically skip the bra altogether?
But sometimes, every woman wants to feel tucked, supported, and smoothed out. The bras by the six brands ahead do just that, catering especially well to those of us who aren't the fullest on top. You know it's time to ditch that old quasi-training bra you've had since high school, and all those ill-fitted, overly-padded bras from years past, for one that actually fits and flatters the assets you do have. Read on for the brands every small-chested woman should know, and find the new favorite you didn't even know you were looking for.

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