The New Wave Of Denim Skirts Is Anything But Basic

Denim skirts have gotten a bad rap (three words: Xtina's "Dirrty" days). But before you write them off, hear us out — the new wave of jean skirts are not only on-trend and versatile, they're democratic as well (you know, for everyone), because you don't have to show off your upper thighs and a foot of midriff in order to rock one.
If you feel like you're seeing them everywhere, that's because the denim skirt should be at the top of your list for fall shopping — wear it bare-legged now, and with tights or socks and booties in a few weeks' time. Paired with chunky sweaters, '70s-inspired blouses, and your favorite motorcycle jacket, a piece you haven't reconsidered since your Abercrombie days will get a surprising amount of wear. And, there are a lot of variations on the new jean skirt; there's one out there for every style sensibility. Click through for nine distinct skirts for the denim-lover, and add your favorite to your cart before it's too late.