17 Signs We Are Living In The ’90s

It's Friday. You walk into the bar to hear Pearl Jam on the jukebox, you catch snippets of patrons trilling about the nation's top political sex scandal, and you finally find your friends, despite the sea of flannel around you. Feel familiar? It's because you are living in the '90s.
Fashion and cultural theorist James Laver created an eponymous law, suggesting that economic and social events closely impact the cycle of trends. According to Laver's Law, things shift from hot to indecent, to amusing, to beautiful, to hot again, over a decade-long period. Except, of course, with the Internet and today's communication overload, trend gestations are becoming shorter. Soon, we will be nostalgic for yesterday. (Remember yesterday? We were so young then.)
Twenty years ago doesn't just feel fresh, it's hugely marketable, too. Katy Perry's songs sound like this. Claire Danes is TV's most sought-after actress — again. And, we are swept up in yet another royal romance. While this isn't actually 1994, our need for nostalgia — and our constant repurposing of the past — has never been greater. Ahead, 17 signs we're walking down memory lane.

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