How To Pull Off The At-Home Contour

DIY contouring is tricky. At best, you could kontour your komplexion to Kardashian perfection. At worst, you could wind up looking like one of the tragically striped faces on Instagram providing “Don’t” fodder for makeup-artist memes. “Contour kits are all the rage, and there's a reason: They provide multiple shades to create the best blend,” says makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci.
When done with the right shade for your skin tone, contouring can make you look like you’ve got Quartermaine blood and are constantly, softly and sexily, backlit. Because we are all united, regardless of age, in our perpetual quest for chiseled-looking faces, here are some contour kits in various texture offerings to help you sculpt your own David (read: face), Da Vinci.