8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Mar 15 2015

Make the return of Orange Is the New Black on June 12 feel infinitely far away by watching this video of the cast singing/chanting "Stop Don't Talk to Me."

Readers of GirlofaCertainAge.com are sharing the toughest things they walked away from — bad boyfriends, bad habits, tough dreams — and now the comments thread looks like the world's most honest advice column for younger women.

The Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a threat to everyone, as its religious exemption loophole would allow men to beat wives, proprietors to refuse to serve Black people, employers from hiring gays, and any other kind of horrible thing sort of mentioned in the Bible.

After reading that, you might need to look at this "box hotel for kittens." Ah, that's better.
Ever wonder why video games like Super Mario always scroll from left to right? Science

Now, if only science could explain how Pamela Anderson has such tragically bad taste in men. She's filed a restraining order against Rick Salomon, who in emails called her a "serial baby killer."

The Wisconsin girls who stabbed a classmate to prevent Slender Man from coming will be tried as adults for attempted murder.

Pope Francis says he'd like to retire one day, just so he can go eat some pizza in peace. Francis, we feel you on that one, we feel you so much.

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