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Here’s What Nails Will Look Like In The Future

With classic manicures taking over the red carpet (RIP, Mani-Cam) and bespoke nail salons popping up in major cities, we're receiving pretty mixed mani messages. Is nail art in or out? Are nude nails the new normal, or will we see brights make a return? Will our manicures ever be fully chip-proof?
We decided to get to the bottom of where, exactly, this ever-evolving industry is going. To do that, we chatted with some of the top experts in the field — from nail artists to salon owners — and asked them to peer into their crystal balls. While even the pros aren't 100% certain what's in store, they have some pretty educated guesses.
Ahead, find the colors, trends, and tech that could be making appearances on your nails in the near future.