The Best Beauty Gifts For Literally Everyone On Your List

The funny thing about working in the beauty department is that everyone always comes to us for gift advice. Sure, the fashion girls know a thing or two about how to pair pants with flatforms — or even how to convincingly pull off a "party coat" — but it's us they come running to before heading off to a friend's birthday party, telling us all about the lucky giftee-to-be and what they might like.
That's what gave us the idea to put together a list of pretty much everyone you could possibly shop for this holiday season — and what to get them. As our fashion-department friends will agree, beauty gifts are delightful because you're giving the recipient an opportunity to spend a little more time on themselves, with something they may not have bought on their own. Plus, people are far more likely to experiment with a lip color or perfume than with, say, their jewelry. Beauty is inherently more ephemeral — it all washes off at the end of the day.
Ahead, we chose some top-notch finds for everyone from your grandmother to your landlord — so you can cover all your bases. If we go over your budget, you can check out our nice little under-$20 list, too.
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Photo: VIa T Spheres.
For Your Coworker
"You know when you complain to your friends about how stressful your job is and they all kind of smile, and nod, and look vaguely interested in the words that are coming out of your mouth? That's because no one will really ever understand unless they are in the trenches with you. Which is why that coworker who was right by your side on all those late nights, early mornings, and 'lunch breaks' (a.k.a. scarfing down a bag of Pirate's Booty and a Diet Coke at your desk and calling it a balanced meal) deserves a little something from you to let them know that you totally feel them.

"These aromatherapy massage balls should do the trick — they can be used to rub away everything from carpal-tunnel pain to headaches and lower-back aches. Hey, they're the only one who is going to listen to your whining, and not tell you to suck it up and stop complaining, so show them you care." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director

T Spheres Perk Up 45 mm Spheres Set, $35, available at Beautyhabit.
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Photo: Via Harry's.
For Your Brother
"Brothers, be they older or younger, are special creatures. They show their love by torturing you, and spend their time thinking up new ways to annoy the living crap out of you, but exhibit brief moments of tenderness and genuine affection, out of the blue. They are an emotional Rubik's Cube.

"Since there's not really a beauty gift that can aptly convey, 'I love you, but sometimes you make me want to give you the worst dead arm ever,' get them this beautiful, yet useful, shaving set. It's not overly sentimental, so it won't make them squirm, but it's a big upgrade from their crusty plastic disposable razor and shows you are thinking about them. Whether or not you decide to punch them really hard in the arm when you give it to them is up to you." — Megan McIntyre

Harry's The Truman Set, $15, available at Harry's.
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Photo: Via Charlotte Tilbury.
For Your Beauty-Snob Friend
"You know the one. She looks down at anything drugstore and is constantly online looking for the newest products to snap up first, so she can educate everyone on their awesomeness. Satisfy her Champagne tastes and her quest to own the hottest brands with this lip-charm kit from Charlotte Tilbury. The famed makeup artist's eponymous line has been selling out both overseas and in the U.S., and features super luxe, celebrity-inspired products that would make any beauty junkie lose her mind." — Megan McIntyre

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms, $39, available at Charlotte Tilbury.
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Photo: Via Sara Happ.
For Your Niece
"Beauty products for the kiddy and teen sets can be a tough sell — you have to take into account that many parents may not have the same feelings toward primping products and age limits as you. Avoid a potentially awkward situation and skip the color cosmetics. Instead, try this cool lip scrub from Sara Happ. It helps turn chapped lips soft, isn't technically makeup, and has a fragrance inspired by every kid's favorite birthday-cake flavor. Win-win all around." — Megan McIntyre

Sara Happ Confetti Cake Lip Scrub, $24, available at b-glowing.
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Photo: Via Mustela.
For Your New-Parent Friend
"Chances are, the mama-to-be received a whole lot of clothes, toys, and accessories at her baby shower, and very few baby-care products. That's because it's much more fun to buy a hipster baby onesie and a shark bathrobe than it is to buy baby shampoo.

"Make sure they're prepared with all the essentials to take care of their new addition with this newborn gift set from Mustela. The brand is like the Tata Harper of baby care, showcasing high-quality, naturally sourced products that feel and smell beautiful. This set features all the basics any new parent could need: a foaming shampoo that prevents cradle cap, a no-rinse cleansing fluid for face and body, diaper-rash cream, and body lotion." — Megan McIntyre

Mustela Newborn Set, $42, available at Sephora.
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Photo: Via Cap Beauty.
For Your Assistant
"Let's be real: If you are in a position where you have an assistant, one of the main reasons everyone at work thinks you are on top of your shit is because you have an assistant who helps make that possible by helping take care of all those little details, like scheduling. Show your appreciation for their daily support with a pampering assortment of beauty goodies.

"Indie retailer CAP Beauty has created bespoke CAPsules — gift boxes stocked with some of its best-selling products. The Freshman Five features relaxing bath salts, a beautifully wrapped artisan bar soap, two lip balms, and an aromatherapy spray that will take care of your assistant as efficiently and amazingly as they take care of you." — Megan McIntyre

Cap Beauty The Freshman Five CAPsules, $46, available at Cap Beauty.
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Photo: Via Caldrea.
For Your Landlord
"To be clear, a gift for your landlord or superintendent is only really required if they are a GOOD landlord or superintendent — if they are the kind who ignores your repeated requests to fix a leaky radiator or on-the-fritz fridge, then they get coal in their stocking.

"You don't want to be too personal, since this is technically a business relationship (your main dealing with them involves giving them huge sums of cash in exchange for not being homeless), so a somewhat chichi home product makes sense here. I love this beautiful and lovely-smelling hand-soap-and-lotion duo from Caldrea. It's thoughtful, useful, makes sense for your relationship, and isn't awkward to watch them unwrap in front of you." — Megan McIntyre

Caldrea Stainless Sink Set in Black Coriander Lime, $25, available at Caldrea.
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Photo: Via Jo Malone.
For Your Grandmother
"Most of our grandmothers come from an era when perfume truly meant something. These are the women who believe in a signature scent, and who still wear things like Opium or Fracas. I admire loyalty, especially when it comes to beauty, but I do think dear old Grandma would appreciate a modern upgrade. With Jo Malone’s full gift set, you’re giving her everything from an indulgent bath to a new favorite hand wash — and, of course, a delightful new scent. Sure, it’s expensive, but let’s be honest: She’s the most important woman on your list." — Phillip Picardi, senior beauty editor

Jo Malone House of Jo Malone London Gift Set, $200, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Photo: Via Y.S. park.
For Your Hairdresser
"Y.S. Park’s brushes are basically the gold standard when it comes to hairdressing. Your stylist or colorist will love you for your industry knowledge, and they’ll probably hoard this for their personal collection instead of using it on their clients. (Except you. They’ll bring out the big guns for you.)" — Phillip Picardi

Y.S. Park Hair Brush, $48, available at Y.S. Park.
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Photo: VIa CHanel.
For Your Sister-In-Law
"Because, nothing says 'you’re family' quite like Chanel." — Phillip Picardi

Chanel Into the Shadows Eye Set, $125, available at Chanel.
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Photo: Via Kevyn Aucoin.
For Your Best Friend With Terrible Taste
"We all know her: She’s the girl who we’ve been friends with since we were little. While we graduated to big-city life and developed penchants for more understated glamour, she’s still the type who loves candy lip gloss and cozy shearling boots. But, we love her, and we want what’s best for her, right? That’s why Aucoin’s Look Book is the perfect palette — it is a carefully edited selection of colors and shadows that could never go wrong. Perhaps, you might offer to give her a lesson when she first opens it? You’re such a good friend." — Phillip Picardi

Kevyn Aucoin Our Exclusive The Look Book, Limited Edition, $45, available at Bergdorf Goodman.
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Photo: Via Fleur du Mal.
For Your Best Friend With Good Taste
"Sexy underwear and a killer lipstick? Done. This is the perfect gift for your most in-the-know gal pal — buy yourself a set, too, and then trade war stories in the New Year." — Phillip Picardi

Fleur du Mal x Violet Grey The Crimson Lolita, $165, available at Violet Grey.
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Photo: VIa Bella Freud.
For Your Siblings
"A candle is a beautiful gift because you offer two things at once: atmosphere and home decor. Bella Freud’s votives are divinely scented, but it’s the 'Lion' emblazoned on this guy that offers instant chic. Sure, you could have gone with the more traditional candle makers, but this shows you’ve got a whole lot of urban savvy — they’ll be trying to catch up with you next Christmas." — Phillip Picardi

Bella Freud Lion Cedarwood and Poivre Scented Candle, $65, available at Net-A-Porter.
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Photo: Via Frédéric Malle.
For Your Boss
"The odds are excellent that your boss will be traveling during the holidays, so giving a gift that has anything to do with elevating that experience is the best way to win her favor. Rubber Incense is a divine little invention from luxury perfumer Frédéric Malle. You can tuck the thin, red, rubber sheets into any small space — the trunk of a car, your suitcase, your closet, your lingerie drawer —and they will fill it with a gorgeous, expensive aroma that’s bound to bring some cheer among all the madness. Wouldn’t you want to offer your poor, hardworking boss a luxurious little reprieve?" — Phillip Picardi

Frédéric Malle Russian Nights Rubber Incense, $120, available at Frédéric Malle.
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Photo: Courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths.
For Your Mom
"Most of us don't get to spend nearly as much time with mom as we'd like. A massage and thermal bath, like the service offered at Tribeca's Aire Ancient Baths, is the perfect option. You get unlimited use of the baths as well as a 30-minute massage for $124. Give your mom the day off — you know she deserves it." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer

AIRE Ancient Baths Thermal Bath with Aromatherapy and Relaxing 30-Minute Massage, $124, available at AIRE Ancient Baths.
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Photo: Via Tory Burch.
For Your Mother-In-Law
"The mother-in-law relationship is a tumultuous one — or so I hear. Having no husband (or, let’s be honest, boyfriend) of my own, I can only go by tales from my married friends and family. Well, apparently, mothers-in-law stink. So, why not gift some lovely bath soaps from Tory Burch? She’ll undoubtedly find the luxurious gesture super sweet, so hopefully everything comes up roses before dinner's over." — Maria Del Russo

Tory Burch Bath Soap, Set of 4, $48, available at Tory Burch.
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Photo: Via Atelier Cologne.
For Your Significant Other
"With no S.O. in sight, I started thinking about what I would like to receive from my hypothetical partner. Fragrance is always an obvious choice, but I can see my imaginary beau getting confused as to what notes would suit me best. Atelier Cologne’s Ecrin Duo solves this issue. You pick two scents, plus a monogrammed cozy for your perfume. I’m bound to like at least one of them, right?" — Maria Del Russo

Atelier Cologne Ecrin Duo, $130-$160, available at Atelier Cologne.
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Photo: Via Space NK.
For Your Significant Other's Parents
"True story: I’ve been beloved by the mothers of every boyfriend I’ve had. Why? Because, I’ve mastered the art of thoughtfulness without being over-the-top, which is the sweet spot when it comes to moms. These Space NK Crackers toe that line brilliantly. They’re fun, actionable, and are stuffed with luxe goodies mom and dad will dig. Just try not to gloat too much when your S.O.’s mom turns to them, mouthing, 'I love her.'" — Maria Del Russo

Space NK The Best of Space NK Crackers, $62, available at Space NK.
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Photo: Via Sephora.
For Your Work Wife
"The best part about a work wife? You share everything with her — whether it's your favorite lipstick or your gripes about Jim in finance (dammit, Jim). Why not give her a gift that she’ll love and you may be able to benefit from? Bite’s Lip Love Kit has a lip mask, exfoliant, BB lipstick, and lip wipes. Both your pouts will be on-point all year." — Maria Del Russo

Bite Beauty Lip Love Kit, $36, available at Sephora.
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Photo: Via Burt's Bees.
For Your Mail-Delivery Person
"How will I be thanking the person who enables my online-shopping habit by ensuring my packages get to my fourth-floor apartment in a timely manner? With lip balms galore — and not just because it’s cold out there in NYC this winter. Burt’s Bees' mini package is unisex, so even if you’ve never met your mail person, you can still gift them something sweet for all of their enabling hard work." — Maria Del Russo

Burt’s Bees A Bit of Burt’s Bees, $4.99, available at Target.
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Photo: Via Sonia Kashuk.
For Your Sister
"Get your sister to stop using (stealing) your own coveted makeup brushes, and gift her this luxe set from Sonia Kashuk. These brushes are even fancy-looking enough to convince her that you really went all-out on her present, even though, price-wise, they come in at under $35." — Taylor Bryant, beauty production assistant

Sonia Kashuk Holiday Limited Edition All That Jazz 10 Piece Brush Set, $34.99, available at Target.
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Photo: Via Too Faced.
For Your Cousin
"This is for that younger cousin who's way too busy checking Instagram or texting her friends to bond with her cooler older cuz during the holidays (we all have them). The pop-out iPhone case is pretty enough to get you on her cool list, and the eyeshadows aren't so crazy that her parents would give you the side-eye for gifting this." — Taylor Bryant

Too Faced Jingle All the Way Palette, $19, available at Too Faced.
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Photo: Via The Art of Shaving.
For Your Father
"Men are hard enough to shop for as is, so go with something simple that your dad is likely to need and use." — Taylor Bryant

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit in Sandalwood, $25, available at Macy's.
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Photo: Via L'Occitane.
For Your Dad's New Girlfriend
"Because a parent's new S.O. is always hard (and awkward) to shop for, you can't go wrong with L'Occitane's cream products. It's a non-fussy, 'Hey, I don't really know you, and I'm not really sure how long you're going to be around' kinda present." — Taylor Bryant

L'Occitane Shea Butter Travel Treats, $20, available at L'Occitane.
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Photo: Via Butter London.
For Your Frenemy
"Nothing says, 'I didn't really want to buy you a present, but here you go anyway' as much as nail polish. Since you most likely still have to see and associate with whoever falls under the frenemy category, this collection from Butter London is nice enough not to arouse any suspicion." — Taylor Bryant

Butter London Brick Lane Collection Lacquer Set, $45, available at Butter London.
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Photo: Via Sephora.
For Your Boss' Assistant
"If you're looking to one-up your colleagues, might we suggest getting a little something for the person who handles your boss' calendar? This lipstick set from Sephora is great, as it has popular products from some of the best brands in the biz. Just make sure to compliment her every time you see her wearing one of the shades. Key career move, anyone? " — Taylor Bryant

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip, $25, available at Sephora.
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Photo: Via Kiehl's.
For Your Mom's New Girlfriend
"Body products are the great gift equalizers — everyone loves, wants, and needs 'em. Give your mom's new S.O. the gift of great, moisturized skin this season. Since everyone could use some extra hydration this time of year, this collection of Kiehl's greatest-hit products is sure to get you on your mother's new bae's good side." — Taylor Bryant

Kiehl's Greatest Hits Collection, $45, available at Kiehl's.
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