Look 20% Cooler Just By Restyling Your Beanie

You've seen those girls around with their perfect bedhead and bitten lips. They're lost listening to some podcast on the train in their looks-like-designer-but-is-probably-vintage coat with an upturned collar that could be accidental (but looks good regardless). On their head, of course, perches a perfect beanie. Slouchy and warm-looking, the beanie looks like the beanie you might be wearing on your own head...but the effect yours creates doesn't make you want to squeeze a tear out of your eye.
Stylish magic-unicorn girls exist, if only to taunt us with their effortlessness, but some of their style secrets can be learned (without the use of a wizard's wand). Half of it has to do with the beanie — and you've already got that part down — but the other half has to do with knowing how to wear it. You've grown out of those Disney Princess toques from the mall — it's time your beanie-wearing technique does too. Ahead, we've chosen the five new beanies you most likely own and show ways to wear them that'll get you your own magic-unicorn membership.

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