The Best Lip Picks For A Popsicle-Stained Pout

I am, and always will be, hopelessly devoted to a bold lip. Maybe it's because I'm super pale, or maybe it's the fact that my lazy butt finds swiping on lipstick infinitely easier than messing around with a shadow palette and eyeliner. Either way, I love me some lip looks.
Summer is not the friend of lipstick fiends, though. If you've ever tried to sport a matte lip on a 90-plus-degree day with off-the-charts humidity, you know what I'm talking about. You end up with bright-red feathering or, worse, that weird, tinted, white line of gunk around the inside of your lips.
Rather than give up my statement lip in the hot weather (you may take my life, but you'll never take my lipstick!), I've adopted a new method that allows me to keep my bold lip without dealing with all the smudging, smearing, melting, drying hassle. Behold: the Popsicle-stained pout.
Identical to the signature stain you get from sucking on a cherry pop (or, my favorite, a Bomb Pop), this look features a saturation of stained hues in the center of the lips that bleeds out into the perimeter of your pout. The key to getting this look is making sure you're using the right products — namely, stains, sheer liquid lipsticks, and glossy balms.
Ahead, I've identified some of my absolute favorite summer red-lip picks — some brand new, some cult classics — to help you achieve the look. There's a range of textures, pigments, and application methods to suit every bold-lip lover.
My must-know tip? Don't be afraid to use your fingers: I apply the color with my index finger, pressing it into the center of my lips to concentrate the color, and then blend it out to diffuse the excess. The result is a sexy, summery pout that won't melt off, no matter how high that heat index soars.
Click through to see the best products to score your own Popsicle-stained pout, then tell us in the comments below your best hot-weather lip tip.

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