8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 16 2014

Soak up as much of the World Cup as you can, folks. Allegations exposing the corruption behind FIFA and its city awarding system could make 2014's games the last of its kind. (New Statesman)
In more sporting news: the man who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers into a golden era, Chuck Noll, has passed away. (USA Today)
General Motors has recalled every single Chevrolet Camaro built since 2010. Due to a poorly designed ignition known to cause accidents, over 511,508 cars have to be returned. (Yahoo!)
In a weekend-edition New York Times op-ed, Chelsea Manning broke her silence and accused the United States of lying about what really happened in Iraq. Manning, if you recall, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking nearly 750,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks. (The New York Times)
Speaking of WikiLeaks and government security, more news surrounding the United States' case against Edward Snowden has surfaced. Turns out he's always been one step ahead of the game. (Washington Post)
On the science front: A study published in Cell, one of the leading scientific journals, found a way to decode the herpes virus. It's no vaccine, but the technology and study results will allow for more in-depth research. (Phys.org)
Facebook's new approach to ad-targeting means it's ignoring the whole do-not-track a user's web history setting. It does, however, plan on beefing up its privacy settings. (Ad Age)
Finally, Madonna is kind of, maybe working on a new album. No official statement has been made, which means she'll probably try and pull a Beyoncé. Good luck with that one. (Vulture)
soccer0Photo: Courtesy of FIFA.

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