8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 05 2014

Thanks to a not-so-private wedding two weekends ago, a new Banksy has come into the spotlight. Her name is Bambi, and she's apparently got quite the A-list following. But, who is she, really? (The Daily Beast)
Out of all the coverage this week surrounding Apple's forthcoming iOS8, everyone failed to mention its most important feature: your gadget's battery life. (Slate)
Google updated its Transparency Report with its new initiative to make your inbox safer. See ya, email spies! (CNET)
Meanwhile, the Secret Service is looking to develop sarcasm-detecting technology. Good luck with that, fellas! (The Washington Post)
Fifteen members of the Nigerian military have been found guilty of aiding the terrorist group responsible for kidnapping over 250 girls. This could explain why the Nigerian military has been so slow in bringing back the girls. (Business Insider)
India's heat wave will soon draw to a close thanks to the help of monsoon season, hopefully marking an upswing in the country's agriculture production. (NDTV)
A study was released earlier this week claiming that smoking marijuana leads to insomnia. However, the results never state that pot, despite various reports, causes sleeplessness. It's merely associated with insomnia, but is not the perpetrator. (The Daily Beast)
Finally, Azealia Banks is finally ready to release the next single we've been promised for, like, ever. (Idolator)
8things_em1Photo: Courtesy of Bambi/Facebook.

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