The Easy Trick For Creating A Killer Workout Playlist

A killer playlist can separate a good fitness instructor from a great one. But, when I'm in the zone, the last thing I'm thinking about is grabbing my phone mid-workout to Shazam a song.
So, I've tried everything imaginable to discover the name of a tune I heard during class. This includes chasing after the instructor, tweeting at them later, and the not-so-reliable method of trying to remember a lyric from the chorus and Googling it. My most cherished find, T-Pain feat. Joey Galaxy's "Booty Wurk (One Cheek At A Time)," was absolutely worth the effort.
But, there is a better method: Shazam's auto-tracking feature does the legwork for you. When turned on, it runs in the background and creates a digital stamp of every song it hears. To capture your workout instructor's tunes, just bring your phone into the studio. After class, scroll through the tags to find the songs you absolutely need for your perfect, pump-you-up mix. (Note: The feature doesn't always recognize remixed versions.)
Of course, if you want to curate playlists outside of the studio, you can also use the feature to capture tracks anywhere you go — drinks, dancing, shopping, you name it. So much better than a fruitless, two-hour Google search, no?

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