Party On! Our Favorite Costumes From Hornito's Halloween Blowout

We're still finding face paint residue behind our ears and tufts of acrylic hair still caught in our coats from our night at the Hornitos- and The Smile-sponsored Halloween party at the future NoMad Hotel (coming 2010!), designed by Jacques Garcia and Taavo Somer. From Flying Spaghetti Monsters to a a group of East Village squatters, we'd like to applaud those who rose above and beyond the urge to just don cheetah print and a novelty headband. To those who went the sexy cat route (MObama, we're looking at you), take a look at our favorite costumes from Saturday night to glean some inspiration for next year. What are you waiting for? Only 364 days to go!
Above, from left: Taavo Somer as a gutter punk/squatter, photo by Danielle Levitt; a pair of space-age guys with zipper eyes, photo by Joshua Lucas Farley.
Above: Maayan Zilberman as a flying spaghetti monster, photo by Piera Gelardi.
Above, from left: Humberto Leon as Pee Wee Herman (with the Invisible Man), photo by Joshua Lucas Farley; our own Piera Gelardi as the lead slice in the award-winning Broadway show Pizza!.
Above: Clowns Scott Portnoy, Brett Milspaw, Tina Tyrell, and Mark Hundley, photo by Piera Gelardi.
Above, from left: Frances Tulk-Hart as Terry Richardson, photo by Piera Gelardi; Rogan Gregory as a very tall Jesus, photo by Joshua Lucas Farley.
Above: Cavewoman, photo by Piera Gelardi.
Above, from left: Super Mario!, photo by Joshua Lucas Farley; a very beat up stray cat, photo by Danielle Levitt.
Above, from left: The freaky silver dudes up close, photo by Danielle Levitt.
Above, from left: Matt Kliegman as Bob Ross, photo by Piera Gelardi; Becky James as a bird, photo by Joshua Lucas Farley.
Above: Pati Hertling and Thymaya Payne in silver and gold, photo by Piera Gelardi.
Above, from left: Clancey McCartney as Marilyn Manson, photo by Piera Gelardi; Edward Scissor Hands, photo by Joshua Lucas Farley. lisa-mayock-amanda-carter-halloween
Above, from left: Amanda Carter as Carmen Miranda, photo by Danielle Levitt; Lisa Mayock as Bruno in GQ magazine, photo by Piera Gelardi.
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