8 Things To Know This AM — May 07 2014

British Elle, once considered digitally deficient, is now, finally, ditching the traditional fashion-publication life for the tech-start-up life. (Business of Fashion)
Public School, too, is undergoing internal change by making a pivot toward more womenswear. (The Fashion Law)
What was just a rumor earlier this week is now, indeed, fact: Alibaba has filed for a $1 billion IPO. But, don't get too excited — that number is just a placeholder. (Forbes)
The National Climate Assessment was released yesterday, and things aren't looking too sunny. Well, sunny as in happy. There's actually never been more evidence that global warming is real and affecting us than there is today. (USA Today)
On the home front: Rob Ford withdrew his application to enter the States, which forces one to wonder: Where in the world is he now? (The Globe and Mail)
A study from the San Francisco Fed finds that a college degree is still worth it — $831,000 kind of worth it. (Quartz)
Culturally, Questlove's third installment of How Hip-Hop Failed Black America questions what happens once hip-hop loses its cool. (Vulture)
Luckily, there are rappers like Le1f breathing new life into the genre and culture that surrounds it. (The New York Times)
8things_00Photo: Courtesy of Elle UK.

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