Meet Your New Fashion Obsessions

Remember way back in 2008 when you were already spreading the Alexander Wang gospel? (Yep, even then, you knew his leather pants and crepe T-shirts were a big deal.) Or, in 2010 when you couldn't get enough of Suno's prints-with-a-pony lookbook? Being the fashion nerd you are, you pride yourself on finding certain designers before they get their own Tumblr fan page. But, if your Pinterest inspiration board is looking a little less fresh than usual, we're here to help.
Our roundup ahead runs the gamut, from boundary-pushing contemporary designers and ready-to-wear labels with moxie to accessories brands creating the next statement bags and bling. So, get your pinning fingers ready, because these are your new obsessions. And, by this time next year, when you're finding Kirsty Ward, 1205, and Richards on the racks at your favorite corner boutique, feel free to gloat a little. You were first!

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