Lingerie & Camp Socks Do Mix — This Lookbook Proves It

Not that we're total slouches, but we feel especially cognizant of our underthing choices right around Valentine's Day. Couldn't hurt to go a little sexier before the big day, right? Well, we think brand-new lingerie brand Valentine NYC is perfect for anyone looking to break out of a T-shirt-bra rut.
Launched at Art Basel in December, Valentine NYC makes lacy, unlined bras and briefs that are a world away from the overly padded contraptions you see in stores as V-Day draws near (and as significant others everywhere go into gifting overdrive). We love the low-key, sexy vibe of the lookbook ahead, featuring lingerie as loungewear and mixed with kimonos, camp socks, and '50s cat-eye specs. Try flipping through it with your S.O. — we're guessing someone will be all too happy to pick up on your hint.

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