25 Halloween Costumes — For Your Nails

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Halloween costumes...we're torn. On one hand, we're dying to come up with the perfectly witty ensemble that will somehow make us look awesome and demonstrate our extensive knowledge of pop culture. But, on the other hand, the idea of embarking on this quest for originality has us feeling downright tapped out. The only solution? Nail polish, of course!
We explored the peaks and valleys of Halloween nail art on Instagram to bring you the cutest, spookiest, and most glam nail looks of the season — most of which can be created with only a thin brush and a couple of shades that you probably already own. The best part? Halloween is the one time of year that you don't have to worry about whether or not your nail art is over-the-top — whether it's bold glitter or gross blood splatters, anything goes. Click through, get crafty, and don't worry about Thursday — your nails will already be ready for trick-or-treating (or, you know, that fabulous party on your iCal).

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Translucent Nails
Who says that we need to try to make fake nails look real? If you're going for the faux, embrace it by leaving a portion of the nail sans color for a cool see-through effect.
Misfits Skull
Forget picking just one Halloween theme — instead, choose a palette (like white, red, and black here), and go nuts with crosses, flames, and even a rockin' Misfits skull.
Glittering Ghosts
An oval shape and a glittering topcoat adds a Gaga-esque edge to a classic ghosts-skulls combo.
Glam Dracula
This is a beyond fabulous iteration of the most famous vampire we've ever seen — bonus for The Rocky Horror Picture Show reference.
Voodoo Doll
This is so adorable, so sad, and totally weird — meaning, it's perfect for Halloween.
Skinny Strip
Make a statement by adorning only the center strip of your nails with a dark hue — add studs or rhinestones for even more punch.
Golden Skull
A mean gold skull — plus a make-'em-look ring — is scary cool.
Freaky Stitches
These museum-worthy nails were inspired by Rick Baker's insane looks for MAC.
Blood Splatter
Totally genius: blood splatters, courtesy of Jason and his machete.
Gold Cobwebs
Iconic cobwebs go disco-glam when created with gold polish on a pitch-black background.
Gray Graveyard
It's a happy coincidence that nails just happen to be shaped like tombstones. Paint on just a few as accents so you don't go too far into Cheeseville.
Jeweled Spider Webs
Make a graphic statement with bold black and white — with a few added jewels for a Deco gleam.
Black, White, & Red
A few fangs here, a creeping spider there — it all adds up to a super-cute (and only slightly creepy) nail look.
Glitter Fade
Not feeling the pumpkins-and-witches hoopla? You can still show your Hallows-Eve enthusiasm with this festive glitter look.
All Spiffed Up
We kind of live for that tiny tuxedo.
Spooky Faces
Bonus points for that kooky smiling skeleton face.
Fashion Bats
On a creamy nude background, tiny black bats actually manage to look minimalist-chic.
Glitzy Black
Another glam way for Hallo-haters to get in the mood — this time with glittery gold tips.
Patterned Black
Moody, shiny black looks even better with a contrasting accent nail.
Silver Glitter Decals
Black-and-white ghosts and goblins are gettin' their party on with this disco-ball-esque background.
Neon Stitches
Check out that totally rad nail shape. Mini pointed ovals, next big thing?
Glossy Glam
We love ourselves some blinding shine — even moreso when it includes a shout-out to Prabal Gurung's blood-drip nails.
Cat Eyes
No, not the eyeliner — the kind that glow in the dark (ooh, spooky).
Gray Glitter
A mix of glossy and matte talons that could do some serious damage.
Winona! Excuse us, we need to go watch this movie this second (while painting our nails, of course).

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