14 Incredible Feminists You've Never Heard Of

Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir, Hillary Clinton — household names, no doubt about it. But, when it comes to feminism, as for any definitive movement, these ladies are just the tip of the iceberg. From the little things you do every day to fight the power, to the millions of women across the world who take a stand in the name of equal rights and womankind (and let's face it, humankind), the wonder of the feminist movement is its incredible pull — the way it attracts people from so many backgrounds to be engaged in the global conversation.
Now, as much as we'd like to write an article about every single person who contributed to this movement by refusing to buy pink pens or daring to wear pants back in the day, we've got to make our way down the layer cake, one bite at a time. To that end, we scoured the archives for 14 amazing women who made waves in singular ways — and whose actions and words are worth remembering. Or, you know, maybe monogramming onto your Hillary 2016 tote bag? Whatever works.

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