Stunning DIY Makeup For Monolid Eyes

We love eyes, noses, and chins of all shapes and sizes, but we think that within the world of beauty tutorials, monolid eyes could use some more love. We're not going to pretend that there isn't a severe shortage in beauty tutorials for those with single lids, and we're here to help a monolid girl out.
The single lid is most common in Asian ethnicities, but whether the eyes are round or almond-shaped, finding looks that define your eyes without piling on makeup is a struggle most monolid ladies share. So, we talked to makeup artist extraordinaire Mari Shten, who broke down three everyday looks that you can do — with our own special twist, of course.
While you can always augment beauty tutorials to fit your eyes, it wouldn't hurt to have a tutorial catered specifically for you, right? Behold, the makeup guide that's meant for your eyes only — no crease necessary! Modeled by Yoon Shin; Makeup by Mari Shten; Hair by Marcos Diaz; Styling by MaryKate Boylan.