Stunning DIY Makeup For Monolid Eyes

We love eyes, noses, and chins of all shapes and sizes, but we think that within the world of beauty tutorials, monolid eyes could use some more love. We're not going to pretend that there isn't a severe shortage in beauty tutorials for those with single lids, and we're here to help a monolid girl out.
The single lid is most common in Asian ethnicities, but whether the eyes are round or almond-shaped, finding looks that define your eyes without piling on makeup is a struggle most monolid ladies share. So, we talked to makeup artist extraordinaire Mari Shten, who broke down three everyday looks that you can do — with our own special twist, of course.
While you can always augment beauty tutorials to fit your eyes, it wouldn't hurt to have a tutorial catered specifically for you, right? Behold, the makeup guide that's meant for your eyes only — no crease necessary! Modeled by Yoon Shin; Makeup by Mari Shten; Hair by Marcos Diaz; Styling by MaryKate Boylan.
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The Everyday Go-To
If you're anything like our model, Yoon Jeong Shin, it can be a daily battle to figure out how to define your eyes without looking overly "done." Rejoice, friends — here's the look that provides soft, pretty definition that you can do every day. All you need is a great brown-based eyeshadow palette. We're using Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage.

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You've heard this countless times, but as sure as you have to wear sunscreen every day, you have to prime. If you're Asian, you may deal with oilier lids than others, which means using a primer can prevent your makeup's disappearing act by 2 p.m. For this look, we're using Lancôme Primer Cream Powder, since we're going for a more matte, less shiny finish. Then, use a small eyeshadow brush to apply a matte beige shadow all over your lids.
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Okay, this is going to feel scary, but trust us: Using a fluffy brush, take a taupey brown shadow and create a sideways "V" shape from your upper lash line, to the outer corner, then around the outer ball of your eye. The shadow should be right below your brow.
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Take a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply dark brown shadow into the outer corner of that "V," blending into the previous shadow. The outer tip of the "V" should look like it's extending from your upper lashline.
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Apply the same shadow to your lower lashline. Then extend it out to connect with the shadow on top.
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Apply a black pencil to your upper lashline — keep it tight on your lashes so that it provides just a subtle definition.
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It's time to curl your lashes. If you're in the market for curlers that are meant for eyes without a prominent brow ridge, try options from Shu Uemura, Shiseido, or Tweezerman.
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If you have straight, downward-facing lashes, opt for a waterproof formula. "Regular mascara or mascara with volumizing formulas are heavier, so it weighs down the lashes," says Shten. "Waterproof formula is lighter and helps lashes retain their curl." She likes Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara, or for a drugstore option, try Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara.
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Final step: Apply a light, neutral beige pencil on your lower waterline and tear duct. "This will open up your eyes, making them look bigger. White looks too bright and unnatural," says Shten.
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With just one eyeshadow quad, one curler, and one mascara, you can master this look for your day-to-day. "I have a student life, so I just wear eyeliner and mascara every day," says Shin. "This is a natural-looking eye that I could easily do."
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The Peacock Eye
You either fall under one of two camps: A) You've mastered the cat-eye and it's your go-to look day in, day out, and you're looking for something new. Or, B) You stare at the girl who wears a perfect cat-eye to work every day and wonder how the heck she manages to make those winged tips match. Whichever camp you fall under, we have the answer. ASTARS Crescent Heights Long Sleeve Top, $86, available at Laurie Solet; Lizzie Fortunato Jewels The Working Uniform Necklace, $450, available at Les Nouvelles.
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For the base of the cat-eye, start with foundation on the lid so that it matches your skin tone. Shten says, "This look is all about the liner" — so, the key here would be to make sure that it shows. Sometimes with monolids, after applying liner, you open your eyes and the liner is hiding under the fold. Shten's tip: Look straight into the mirror, then take a black pencil liner and make dots on your lid where you want to see the liner.
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Then, connect the dots! For a clean line like this, Shten says to use gel or liquid liner; pencil smudges. "I like gel because it's easy to work with and it doesn't dry as quickly as liquid, so it's more malleable," she says.
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Take an angled brush, and apply black eyeshadow to your lower lash line.
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Using liquid liner, extend the lower line past the outer corner into a winged tip. Shin complains that when she does a winged tip, "I'll usually do both eyes and then realize that the second doesn't match with the first." Shten has a handy tip for that, too: Before you start, make dots with your pencil on either eye to mark where the tip should end.
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Pick up your black pencil again, and swipe your lower waterline from corner to corner.
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You want to curl your lashes per usual, so grab your curler. If you have particularly stubborn, straight lashes, hit your eyelash curler with a blast of heat from your dryer first.
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A swipe of mascara finishes the look for your average cat-eye. But, who among us is average? We thought so. Onward!
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Apply a sparkly silver shadow to your inner corner for an added pop. Oh, but we're not done. The fun is just beginning.
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Take a fat turquoise pencil (such as Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick in Tempting Turquoise), and follow the top liner from the inner corner all the way to the tip. Swipe an angled brush on the pencil, and use the brush to apply the pigment onto your eye. This will create the edges of the blue line.
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"Woah. Hello, party girl!" says Shin when looking in the mirror. "I like how your eyes are automatically drawn to the color." Shten says with dark-colored eyes, you can experiment with blues, greens, and purples, which always look good.

While in the world of makeup, dark hues usually constrict and make things look smaller, in this case, you can use darkness to make your eyes look bigger. "You can play with the shape of your eye, whether you make it look rounder, or more elongated like an almond," says Shten.
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Your Ol' Smoky Eye Gets An Upgrade
Sick of the smoky eye? So are we. Shin says, "If I do apply makeup, I usually do a smoky eye." But, to amp up the cool factor on this go-to, reach for some gloss. The glossy eye is often used in editorial shoots, but we assure you it can be worn in real life as well. Equipment Dark Army Star Print Slim Signature, $258, available at Equipment; Mary MacGill Crystal Choker, $140, available at Mary MacGill.
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Take a fat black pencil, like Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick, and smear it all over your upper lid. Don't worry about being precise — we're going to blend it out with a clean blending brush. "We're creating a round shape this time," says Shten.
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Use a cream shadow in a cool bronze color and apply it all over the black pencil. Shten loves Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream. Then, blend it up until it nearly touches your brows. It should look like a gradient of color with the darkest pigment at the lashline.
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Repeat on your lower lashline.
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Pick up your black pencil again, and swipe your lower waterline from corner to corner.

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Where's that eyelash curler? Finish with a swipe of (waterproof!) mascara.
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Take a small dab of gloss, like MAC Gloss, and apply it all over your upper lids with the pad of your finger. Shten's trick to make your eyes pop is to add just a tiny dab onto the center of your lower lashline. "This makes the light reflect just on the center of your eye, creating the illusion of an inset," says Shten. We told you there was a twist!
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"A lot of Asians have a complex about small eyes, but the gloss brings instant attention. I'm going to an Icona Pop concert tonight, and this look is perfect!" says Shin.
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