5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 26 2013

Shop for a cause by visiting this Giving Works site to help Rockaway residents left without access to basic healthcare post Hurricane Sandy. (Doctors of the World USA)
National Oyster Day is only a week away! Head to Harding's and enjoy 'em on the half shell or grilled and accompanied by a delicious Fitzgerald Cocktail. (Harding's)
We all know RTW, but now there's RTD — Ready To Drink. illy issimo is a full range of coffee beverages that can be enjoyed individually or combined to make a set of entirely unique drinks. (illy issimo)
Name one person who wouldn't want to go to the "Blue Jasmine" premiere. That's right — director Woody Allen himself. (NY Times)
Watch French artist Vivi Mac use milk to paint Bruce Lee. (Grub Street)
Photo: Via Grub Street.