5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 17 2011

The push for a smoking ban in apartments spells bad news for smokers. Hey, maybe you can light up in a box on your sidewalk. (Huffington Post)
This easy (no, really!) DIY Cooking Handbook lets you make your own Nutella. Yum! (NY Times)
If you are one of the millions helplessly fascinated by Charlie Sheen's #winning rants, you can #bringit and your fanatic self to watch his show at Radio City Music Hall. (NBC NY)
Stephanie Mark of The Coveteur gets clothes tailored in "Hong Kong" but, gasp, we can actually afford it! (Racked)
This audacious iPad scalping scheme screams Chinatown peddling, Mid-Manhattan style. At least they're not selling drugs. (New York Post)