5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 18 2012

Foodies rejoice! Mario Batali's make-reservations-a-year-in-advance restaurant Babbo is now open for lunch. Guess where we'll be scheduling our business lunches from now on. (Eater NY)
Film director and photographer Poppy de Villeneuve worked on a short for Bottega Veneta's new Initials line, and can now be seen on NY Magazine. You must check it out — the film (and the bags) is a beaut! (Bottega Veneta Initials)
Interior designer Natalie Obradavich is the new Ferragamo Girl About Town, and we just love knowing where she parties next! (The Girls About Town)
Ever play "sidewalk chicken?" This Texan turned New York resident thinks it's some crazy game NY'ers play when walking down the street. First one to move loses, got it? (Gothamist)
Your definition of affordable may be miles away from your buddy's, but thankfully you can both shop at the same place. Check out the New York Affordable Art Fair this week that can have you both walking away with a prized gem, promise. (Daily News)

Photo: Via Eater NY