5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 13 2011

After performing at Avenue's two year anniversary, Fergie headed over to Artichoke pizza, where she left with three boxes of leftovers. Sounds like our kind of chick. (New York Post)
We've said it before, we'll probably say it again. Demi Moore does not age, if this picture of her at an NYC benefit is anything to go by. (Daily Mail UK)
This is what Anthony Weiner's apartment looks like (the parts you didn't see on Twitter). (Huffington Post)
Even though the World Naked Bike Ride was postponed because of the rain, some nude enthusiasts showed up anyway. People will use any excuse to take of their clothes. See previous link. (Gothamist)
There's a tree murderer in Brooklyn. Cue a next season Law & Order: SVU episode. (Animal New York)