5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 20 2011

Is there a medical term for hoarding college degrees? One of James Franco's umpteen former professors files a lawsuit claiming he was fired for giving the actor a bad grade. (Us Weekly)
Coldwater Canyon's under major construction. You might want to reconsider your morning commute (or finally make that case for working from home!). (Laist)
Angelina's gotta answer to her wee ones about those Billy Bob Thornton days at some point! She spills to AC360 on her future defense mechanisms. (Popsugar)
A Dutch magazine makes an unforgivable racial slur at Rihanna. Very "Disturbia." (Fashionista)
Stars, they're just like us. This Omaha-born blonde gets her goodies at the Goodwill. (Racked)

Photography: Via Us Weekly.