5 Easy Outfits For Holiday Dress-Up

It never fails, at this time of year, our wardrobe—and all its gorgeous contents—goes into serious red alert. While we wish (really badly!) we could employ the tricks of a holiday outfit guru to help us get a little more mileage out of our tried-and-true pieces, we're just not that flush. But lucky for us, we've got a whole lot of dress-up inspiration right in our own office. So, in order to help you—and yours truly—get a few more festive looks out of the old closet, we, and two of our favorite office-mates from RoAndCo, took a stab at whipping up our best holiday ensembles. From super feminine and classic to preppy-eclectic, we've got five easy holiday outfits you can copy yourself...and consider our shopping tips even more inspiration to add to your seasonal wish-list.

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