Editor Obsession: 7 Perfect Summer Hats

We have to admit that hats are not the easiest accessories to shop for. For some reason, covering our heads elicits all kinds of insecurities, from the size and shape of our noggins to our propensity to look like the opposite sex.
So, we're making it easy to pick out the perfect summer hat — because whether you're protecting that delicate face, keeping cool, or just topping off a rad outfit, this is one accessory you can't skip out on. Thankfully, our New York editor and accessory expert, Annie Georgia Greenberg, had the ultimate suggestion: Stetson hats. Almost 150 years old, this American heritage brand has the most classic, tried-and-true straw styles we've seen. And, along with being Annie's "saviors for humid hair days," they just happen to be right on trend for summer.
Here, seven fail-proof styles, in a range of sizes for your over- or undersized melon. We can't think of a better way to top off your summer shopping.