Shh! We’re Spilling Our BEST Beauty Tricks

Ever wonder why we ladies seem doomed to spend one third of our lives getting primped, while our man friends simply need to shower and run their hands through their hair? Primping is fun, sure, but let's be honest —the hours upon hours we spend getting pretty are kind of cramping our style. Ain't nobody got time for that!
We at R29 love trying new looks and products, but like most of you, we're always looking to find the easiest — and fastest — ways to get glam. Thankfully, we've picked up some great tricks along the way that help us go from ghastly to gorgeous in no time. Read on to steal our most hush-hush beauty tricks, from a pantry fix for chapped lips to the shortcut to sexy beach hair, and let us know — what's your top-secret beauty cheat?

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