This New Fashion Site Is Like The Chicest eBay Shop, Ever

There's no arguing that one of the best parts of college (and what made cramming three girls into one tiny sorority house bedroom bearable) was the open access to the closets of all your BFFs. Nothing to wear to the formal tonight? No need to hit the mall, just dig through your roomie's drawers. Now that we've all grown up beyond bunk beds and mini-fridges, we're stuck with the ho-hum, same ol', same ol' wardrobe to choose from every single day.
Enter Bib + Tuck, the answer to all your outfit issues. Here's how it works: The members-only fashion community allows stylish ladies to "sell" their wardrobe pieces that they're no longer digging, in exchange for B+T bucks to use again on the site. You can scroll through pieces like vintage trousers, brand-new designer dresses, and gently-used shoes to find true fashion treasures. There's a real mix of high and low (just like your roomie's closet!), with everything from Zara to Kimberly Ovitz to D&G. The only catch? Oh, wait, there is no catch — this site is a shopper's dream come true.
To top it off, we're hooking you up with an exclusive membership invite. Simply click this link, create your account, and start scrolling. Happy hunting, indeed.

Photo: Courtesy of Bib + Tuck