We're always down for advances in beauty technology, but sometimes it's a little hazy whether a new product is a new essential or just a gimmick. The latest head-scratching launch to come across our desk: 3D eyeshadow.
Available in two formulations, cream and loose powder, Ofra Cosmetics' shadows combine three pigment shades into one product, so you can see a different hue from every angle.
Very cool that the separate colors don't blend together into one muddy tint, but we're not totally convinced that this is as scientific as it sounds. Call us sticklers, but isn't that multi-chromatic and not 3D? This sounds like an attempt to cash in on the 3D craze that's sweeping the entertainment and tech industries. That said, we don't think the gimmicky name detracts from the product actually looking cool. And hey, the beauty industry is crowded — you've got to get attention somehow, right?
But what do you think? Is this a cool, new must-buy or a hyped-up product to pass on?
Ofra Cosmetics 3D Cream Eyeshadow, $20, available at Ofra Cosmetics.

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