Iris Apfel’s Shocking Admission On Today (Well, Shocking To Us)

Star of the latest issue of Dazed & Confused
(and our hearts), Iris Apfel and some of her fellow senior glamour girls took to Today along with Advanced Style blogger Ari Seth Cohen to promote his new movie, his long-loved site, and the general cause of elder fashion.

The ladies were, as you might expect, delightful and sharp (even if Matt Lauer was a little too loud when asking his questions), but, per usual, it was Apfel who had the spotlight and the most revealing moment. Yes, folks, when she's just lounging around the home not being a bona-fide "geriatric starlet" (her words), Iris wears a plain, old pair of jeans.
We'd say this proves she's just like everyone else, but honestly, it shatters an illusion for us. We always imagined Apfel reclining on a flocked divan, wrapped up in a boa, vintage printed-satin housecoat, and a turban. Granted, we may have too much time on our hands — but that's how we've always imagined her, and that's how it's gonna stay. (Today)
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