This New E-Commerce Lets You Shop Vintage (In PJs), Plus 30% Off!

One of the roughest parts about thrift or vintage shopping is that it often takes heaps of endurance, sifting through racks and racks of "what is that?" until you find that shining jewel. But thanks to brand-new, Brooklyn-based e-commerce site Nifty Thrifty, you can bypass the riffling through heavy coats (and even getting dressed!) all together. Instead, enjoy shopping awesome thrift and vintage threads from the comfort of your own home (and heck!) even in your jammies.
Launching today, Nifty Thrifty brings two sales per week and will eventually lead up to multiple flash sales per day. We're already digging our sneak peek at the "carefully curated and artfully presented" wares, including $150 faux fur leopard print McQueen coats and labels like Chloé, Gucci, and Prada on discount.
And about that last bit, you know, the thing about the discount, we weren't just going to let that one slide. Nope, we're tacking on an extra 30% off to the already-slashed prices when you use the online code REFINERY30. Now, isn't that both nifty and, well, you can fill in the rest.

Photo: Courtesy of Nifty Thrifty