It's Wednesday And Lindsay Lohan's Been Arrested Again (In NYC)

To put it gently: Lindsay Lohan was in a rush (obviously) to get to an NYC nightclub last night, a man just wouldn't get out of the way of her car, so she took the only natural course of action — tapped him with it, exited, and went inside. To put it less elegantly: Lindsay Lohan was out in NYC last night and fled the scene of a hit and run in the alley by the Dream Downtown.
To her credit, as the NYPD puts it, "She was trying to get people to step aside by flashing her lights." Unfortunately, one pedestrian did not heed LiLo's Porsche Cayenne-signaled warnings and incurred minor knee injuries that merited a hospital visit.
Apparently Lindsay did get out of the car (which also held her manager and another guy pal) to talk to the "victim," before heading inside the Dream, but when she reemerged at 2:30 a.m it was to the tune of her Miranda rights. Luckily, there was reportedly no alcohol involved and Lindsay's been released without bail for this misdemeanor. We'd like to wrap this up with some snarky "She's done it again" comment, but unfortunately, we're not sure we have any left. Instead [insert head-shake and Herbie Fully Loaded joke here]. (Us Magazine)
Photo: Via Us Magazine

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