Band Of Outsiders Channels The Hunger Games, Re-Imagines War

In the first-ever presentation of a Boy by Band of Outsiders collection (without the Girl by Band of Outsiders counterpart), designer Scott Sternberg took it upon himself to re-imagine military dressing and take it above and beyond the oft-rehashed camo, army jackets, and combat boots that have been en vogue since the inception of ready-to-wear.
There were plenty of little jackets and vests with traditional military fasteners, sunblock-white war paint, and army-green staples, which, paired with the flowing, ethereal cotton gowns and dresses we've come to love and expect from Band of Outsiders, made for an especially striking juxtaposition.
What did leave us scratching our heads, however, was what Sternberg said inspired the show. He told that he was interested in how movies such as The Hunger Games and Battle Royale "make war into this light, beautiful thing." Knowing that, his collection became something that felt incongruous with Band of Outsiders' typical prairie-woman, schoolgirl naiveté. Suddenly, macramé vests and face paint became Amazonian tribal-war garb; high-necked, printed, silk coordinates looked eerily reminiscent of exaggerated Khmer clothing, and we wish the striped pajamas didn't remind us of WWII prisoners of war (but they did).
Seen individually and taken for what they are, the pieces were appealingly timeless and could easily fit into the wardrobe of any woman we know — something we love about Band of Outsiders. But, you tell us: Are we reading too much into it, or did the collection's inspiration overshadow the beauty of the collection itself?

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