The 13 Best Places To Throw A Private Party In Miami

When it comes to party planning in the 305, we let the Magic City, well, work its magic. We needn't lift a finger, since every detail, from the flowing Champs to the awesome music, are all in the bag. It's no wonder celebs come here to play on the reg.
With the weekend on the horizon, we're sharing our favorite places to get down like a star — in a little privacy, natch. That's right, these spots offer just the right amount of seclusion while still delivering the wow factor that guests can rave about for years. Now, let's toast to that!
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The Cruz Building
The Vibe: Old-timey Renaissance opulence, Italian villa style.
Perfect For: Over-the-top storybook wedding receptions with a Godfather feel.

The Cruz Building, 3157 Commodore Plaza (between Grand Avenue and Main Highway), 305-508-9500.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cruz Building
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Cafeina Wynwood Lounge
The Vibe: The three spaces here include a moody, chandelier-lit lounge, a gallery, and two distinct garden spaces.
Perfect For: Rockin' receptions requiring a bit of pick-me-up provided by the house's coffee cocktails.

Cafeina Wynwood Lounge, 297 Northwest 23rd Street (between North Harvey and North Robinson avenues), 305-438-0792.

Photo: Courtesy of Cafeina Wynwood Lounge
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The Vibe: Imagine a swank club housed inside a luxe, secret garden.
Perfect For: A tropical birthday soirée with an Alice in Wonderland twist.

Baoli, 1906 Collins Avenue (between 19th and 20th streets), 305-674-8822.

Photo: Courtesy of Baoli
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Glasshaus Studios
The Vibe: An austere gallery-type space in airy monochrome for a minimalist soirée.
Perfect For: A pool-soaked, hip-hop music video, or a party that looks like one.

Glasshaus Studios, 8000 Biscayne Boulevard (between Northeast 80th and Northeast 81st streets), 305-759-9904.

Photo: Courtesy of Glasshaus Studios
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Kork Wine And Cheese
The Vibe: A massive former bomb shelter stocked with about a billion wines and cheeses — all the provisions you'll ever need underground.
Perfect For: Low-key, jazz-infused shindigs without the oontz-oontz thrum.

Kork Wine and Cheese, 2 South Miami Avenue (between West Flagler and Southwest 1st streets), 305-377-8899.

Photo: Courtesy of Kork Wine and Cheese
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Haven Lounge
The Vibe: Early 2000s Sex and the City (in a good way), with purple-black lighting and drinks that literally smoke.
Perfect For: A bridal shower that recalls your sweet, single sorority days.

Haven Lounge, 1237 Lincoln Road (between Alton Court and West Avenue), 305-987-8885.

Photo: Courtesy of Haven Lounge
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L-M-N-T The Vibe: Anything and everything, since LMNT is a full-service blank canvas for you to customize to a T.
Perfect For: A charity soirée, fashion show, art exhibition — or why not all three?

LMNT, 59 Northwest 36th Street (between Northwest 1st and North Miami avenues), 305-989-6963.

Photo: Courtesy of LMNT
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Mondrian South Beach

The Vibe: Surreal, baroque style with giant topiaries on the Sunset Lounge.
Perfect For: An unforgettable waterside party laced with the scent of caipirinhas.

Mondrian South Beach, 1100 West Avenue (between 11th and 12th streets), 305-695-3264.

Photo: Courtesy of Mondrian South Beach
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Private Residence
The Vibe: An ultra-secret speakeasy space outfitted with a '60s groove above Barton G.
Perfect For: A Mad Men-themed throwback bash.

Private Residence, 1427 West Avenue (between 14th Court and 14th Terrace), 305-439-1100.

Photo: Courtesy of Private Residence
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Shore Club
The Vibe: Nearly 3,000 square feet of ocean-front sweeping vistas.
Perfect For: A thumping dance party of epic proportions — bikinis not included.

Shore Club, 1901 Collins Avenue (between 19th and 20th streets), 305-695-3264.

Photo: Courtesy of Shore Club
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The Temple House
The Vibe: South Beach's biggest single-family residence, Temple House is your own private mansion — for the night.
Perfect For: Any party for which 15,000 square feet simply is not enough, because this one boasts 16,350.

The Temple House, 1415 Euclid Avenue (between 14th Street and 14th Place), 305-673-2526.

Photo: Courtesy of The Temple House
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The M Building
The Vibe: A former warehouse, M's industrial past is all but invisible between its pristine living space and ample garden terrace.
Perfect For: A grown-up tropical get-together that appreciates good design.

M Building, 194 Northwest 30th Street (between Northwest 1st and Northwest 2nd avenues), 305-573-2130.

Photo: Courtesy od M Building
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Villa 221
The Vibe: A true Spanish villa, the sprawling 221 will make you feel like a Latin heiress.
Perfect For: Your average 5,000-person outdoor rager — with valet service, of course.

Villa 221, 221 Northeast 17th Street (between Northeast 2nd Avenue and Biscayne Boulveard), 305-416-5280.

Photo: Courtesy of Villa 221

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