10 Great Gadgets For Your Tech-Savvy Pop

With dad’s big day around the bend, it's our turn to flip the script and serve him up a platter of pressies. And sure, while most padres would flip for a shiny-new tie or a set of knives, S.F. dads are in a league of their own. Being the tech-obsessed city we are, we know Bay Area papas want the greatest spankin’-new gizmo-centric gear. No surprise there!
So, we've rounded up 10 gadgets any father will fawn over. Whether your dad is glued to his iPhone, using GPS on a bike ride, or spending weekends reading on his Kindle, we're sure one of these Father's Day toys fits the bill — even though he may not know it yet. Click through to see our picks and buy your dear dad something truly tech-tastic!