5 Things To Know This AM — May 10 2012

You might have already seen Harley Viera Newton spinning in the clubs (or on the cover of your favorite glossy), but now you can take a peek at the kinds of things she has on her lust-list. That feather-dusted clutch? We totes (ha!) want to be carrying that around to every summer soiree. (Harley Viera Newton)

Before you hit the brunch bar with your mom on Sunday, get a little pre-feast workout with a free 60-minute class at DavidBartonGym. Trust us, you'll feel better about eating 10 strips of bacon afterwards.

Sure, we all know about the couture creations from London and Milan, but Africa is a style destination all its own. Get in step with the hottest designers you need to know (and shop) with this handy primer from Yoox and Vogue Italia. (Yoox)
Calling all bloggers! Think you're one to watch? Guess wants to make you a worldwide star — if you have the voice, the presence, and the right amount of style-savvy, that is. (Guess)
Think its hard to get a million meals to a million kids? Actually, all you need to do is kick back and listen to some amazing tunes at The Clarins Million Meals Concert for FEED. (Clarins)

Photo: Via Harley Viera Newton