Weird Beauty Trick We Might Actually Try: Saran Wrap Headbands

We see a lot of crazy stuff backstage, but who knew one of the wackiest beauty tricks we've ever come across would be spotted backstage at Bridal Fashion Week? At Angel Sanchez's 2013 bridal presentation, models were made to look like icy brides, complete with silver paint, sequins, and plastic wrap headbands.
The idea for these shiny hair adornments came straight from the designer himself, who wanted to mimic the plastic feeling of the details on the dresses. "I'm tired of all the headpieces and tiaras," Sanchez said. "This gives you the same kind of reflection as those typical accessories, but in a fresh and modern way. It adds a touch of fashion [to bridal], without being too avant-garde. It's a different interpretation of romance — with a twist."
Working with the concept of texture and movement, Leonard Zagami for Moroccanoil used Curl Control Mousse on the roots of wet hair to create a subtle lift, then combed styling cream through the ends and mid-shaft of models' hair to hydrate ends and create soft hold. Next, he blow dried hair, using his fingers at the roots and the sides of the hair to "lift" the strands and enhance the volume. Then, Zagami took a 1.5 inch curling iron and created random waves throughout the hair leaving the ends straighter and pulling on some of the waves to create a "freer-looking, mixed texture." He then used silver hair paint to add a metallic color to pieces along the hair line and where the plastic wrap was going to be placed. He used 1.5 inch pieces of wrap, which he applied around the head, tying it underneath the hair at the nape of the neck.
To accentuate the off-the-wall hair, Clarins makeup artist Jean Fayard wanted to create "an icy, cool look that would pick up the elements of the dress. She started off by applying primer and foundation to create natural, flawless skin. For the lit-from-within glow, she added a peachy-nude blush on the apples of the cheeks. "In photos, peach is much better than pink — it's softer, so you look more natural," she says. Fayard wanted to inject a pop of color to the eyes, but in a subtle way, so she applied turquoise shadow on the lids, blending it out so the color was soft, not stark. Black liner applied very close to the lash line and single false lashes finished off the eyes. To add that element of intrigue, she used the same paint Zagami used on the hair and combed it through models' brows, then used lash glue to attach a sprinkling of sequins — that matched the dress each girl was wearing — along the hair line and at the temples.
We think this high-fashion bridal look could easily translate down the real-world aisle. Even if the plastic wrap, sequins, and silver paint are a bit too much for you, we like the idea of the soft turquoise eye, touchable texture, and unconventional hair accessory for a modern-day bridal look that's different and unique. Play around with different fabrics, like lace or silk, wrapped around the head to create a similar effect.
Would you rock plastic wrap in your 'do, or do you think it's totally whackadoodle?
Photo: Stephen Churchill-Downes/Courtesy of Moroccanoil

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