Crazy Coachella Moment: Tech Meets Tupac, Convinces Us We’re Hallucinating

We came, we Coachella-ed, and we left, hungover. And what a jam-packed fest it was (and some of you guys still have another weekend to go). From jaunts to sets to parties, and back again — it was seriously sensory overload.
So, last night when we peeped Tupac on stage, we assumed the desert sun had finally gotten the best us. The late rapper hit the stage in hologram form to preform hip-hop classics like “Hail Mary” and “Gangsta Party.” Nope, we definitely weren’t hallucinating. The Tupac hologram was joined by fellow rapper Snoop Dogg (in the flesh) for an unforgettable set (catch it at 17:02 in the vid above), which was equal parts creepy and captivating. Wait, does this reignite the great Tupac debate? Hmm, either way, we have a feeling this isn’t the last time we've heard from Tupac’s hologram. And of course, in the grand tradition of celeb WTF moments (read: Angelina’s right leg), he has a twitter account. So, you can see what's up post-performance. Technology is so awesome, huh? (Pitchfork)

Video: Via Pitchfork

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