30 Rock To Be Cut From In-Flight TV? Slow Your Roll, American Airlines.

So maybe the 30 Rock cast hasn't been totally well behaved this year when it comes to being PC — from homophopic jokes to diva plane nonsense, the NBC actors come off a little too in character these days. But with American Airlines threatening to permanently pull the show from its in-flight entertainment in the wake of the Alec Baldwin's Words With Friends meltdown and subsequent SNL skit, we're siding with Jack Donaghy. No decision has been reported yet regarding the deliberately prideful pull of the program, but we're not into it. The currently bankrupt airline should be looking to save face, pettiness excluded, and let's be honest here— we'd always choose Baldwin over baggage fees. Refusing to turn off your phone on a public flight may be infantile at best, but if we saw Baldwin on his cellie, we would challenge him to a game ourselves. American Airlines, quit your crying, and let us keep our Tina Fey. What do you think - Was Alec's SNL spoof out of line or should A.A. just get over it already? (Celebitchy)

Photo: Via Celebitchy