3 Best: L.A.’s Hottest Fitness Crazes

The holidays generally mean you throw your dietary restrictions overboard, but if you're like us and still want to feel some semblance of a healthy regimen—or be able to fit into a bikini if you're going to an exotic locale over the holidays—why not try one of L.A.'s hottest new fitness crazes? These Hollywood-approved fitness crazes are a surefire way to stay in shape all season long and we swear they are so fun that you won't even have to put "exercise more" on your New Year's Resolution list.

1. Revolution Fitness—Everyone is buzzing about the newest Hollywood health obsession: Indoor rowing. It's the easiest way to get your cardio and arm exercises in and you'll be shocked when you see the long, lean muscle definition after just a few classes.

Revolution Fitness, 1211 Montana Avenue (at Euclid Street); 310-393-6399.


2. Physique 57—Interval training gets a decidedly uptown makeover at this amazingly beautiful New York import. We love how fun and energetic the routine is at Physique 57, and with success stories like Kelly Ripa and Zooey Deschanel swearing by this place, you'll be swearing by it ASAP, too.

Physique 57, 320 North Canon Drive (at Brighton Way); 310-271-0570.

3. YAS—Yoga isn't new and neither is spinning, but YAS is the hottest L.A. exercise obsession at this moment because of the genius way it pairs these two complimentary disciplines. First you get your heart rate up with an invigorating 45 minutes on the bike, and a cool down of yoga and stretching ensures you won't get bulky muscles—or sore the next day.

YAS, 1101 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (at Westminster Avenue); 310-396-6993.