5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 15 2011

Been working on your serve? Gargyle and United Bamboo are hosting their 2nd Annual SMASH! Tennis Challenge this Saturday, so come decked out in your favorite sweat band and old-school short-shorts. (Gargyle)
Looks like our little city is the Twitter capital of the world. #surprised? (Psfk)
A new cigarette law is on its way for New Yorkers, this time banning adults from smoking inside a car with a child under 14 as a passenger, regardless of whether the windows are rolled down. (Animal New York)
If you've got $1.1 million to spare, you can buy your own replica Statue of Liberty made from the original model. Don't worry, this one is only nine feet tall. (Cityroom)
Luxe children's clothing store Bonpoint recently opened on Madison Ave—would you dress your kid in cashmere and Liberty Prints? (The Cut)

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