Nicholas Kirkwood Gives Us The Okay To Wear His Shoes Naked!

Any time we do a rad shoe roundup, we're reminded of that fact that Nicholas Kirkwood is our main squeeze. So, when we caught up with him last week, we were surprised to learn that unlike his vividly extroverted designs, he's actually much more of the pensive type. (Although, when you think about how well thought-out each and every wondrous pair he peddles is, perhaps it all makes sense.)
Regardless, we sat down with the sole genius last week at the British Fashion Council showrooms, and thought we'd get you a sneak peek of what he has up his sleeve for fall (prepare to be amazed), along with some juicy anecdotes about the line. Fun fact: NK divulged that R29 was one of the first interviews he ever gave (six years back).
What sparked the inspiration for this upcoming season?
"It's usually an exhibition, great film, or sometimes just a feeling I get inside. The starting point for this particular collection evolved from Midnight In Paris, and Paris in the '20s. It’s almost slightly dreamy. It's about romance, in a way."
Did you enjoy Midnight In Paris?
"I really did, I loved the innocence of it. I actually really like Woody Allen films in general."
What is your favorite pair for fall, and why?
"That's like choosing a favorite baby, and the others are going to be jealous! I guess it changes depending on my mood that day, but I did like this vintage fabric with embroidery." [Ed Note: See slide one].
When you get a particular feeling, do you go to the Internet to find images that correlate?
"Yes, first I go to Google Images, and then from there I'll find a great book on the subject. Then, I go into the bookstore and buy every book on the subject."
We're curious about your home — what kind of art hangs there?
"It’s kind of a mix. Until I moved into my new place recently, I used to have a lot of art on the wall and no furniture. I have everything from Helmut Newton to Damien Hirst. The Damien Hirst is a picture of this skull covered in diamond dust, and there's also Andy Warhol’s Mao, and an old Frank Horst. I have a Rembrandt, too, actually. That’s why I’ve got no furniture, because I can't afford any! I just get a bit carried away and have to have it."
Who is your biggest mentor?
I would say, part of the reason why I got into this industry is definitely Philip Treacy. I used to work with him before, and he's really why I got into shoes in the first place. It was my introduction to accessories."
Who are your female fashion icons?
"I really like Rooney Mara, she’s cool. I also really like Tilda Swinton and Julianne Moore."
What's the one thing your fans should know about your shoes?
"A shoe can really make a whole outfit. You can wear an H&M or Zara dress, put a great pair of shoes on, and look fantastic. It's the one bit you can really tell something about. Like if you have an amazing outfit, how bad is it to cheapen it with a pair of cheap shoes? But you can do it the other way around, that's cool. Anna Dello Russo said it best: 'I always say invest in the shoes more than the clothes. You can be naked with a great pair of shoes.'”
Photos: Courtesy of Starworks

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