Street Style: Banish Your SAD With Sumptuous Pops Of Color

Juliet James Winter Street Style
You know those days right at the cusp of January and February, when the thought of peeling yourself out from under that double-lined goose-down comforter only to wrap yourself in dull lumberjack flannel and Gortex seems just about as appealing as making out with a poisonous snake? Well, turn off the Elliott Smith, put those vitamin-D sun lamps away, and for god's sake, take off those sad, sad long johns right this minute, because we happened across Juliet James, the perfect sartorial specimen to banish all your winter wardrobe woes.
From the crisp, blanche fedora atop windblown winter tresses to her rich ruby-red lip and ultra-femme plum suede lace-ups, this neat-'n'-tidy girl's got staying on the sunny side of dressing down pat. And, if you happened to peep that jade-green stunner on her finger, those jaunty heather cable-knit tights, and that cozy, bright-white shawl she's so deftly wrapped in, you'd quickly see that the devil's in the details for cheery dressing — even in the darkest months of the calendar.
You tell us: Is Juliet killing you softly, or would you rather keep things on the muted side during Old Man Winter's visit? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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